ReSound x Sivu virtual concert for World Hearing Day 2021

3 March 2021

18:00 UTC


Presented By

Gitte Aabo
Gitte Aabo is CEO and President of GN Hearing, the global leading company in hearing aid innovation. Aabo is on a mission to transform hearing care to truly meet the needs of those living with hearing loss. She is now on a journey to change how hearing loss is treated, which starts with learning to listen and better understand the hearing loss community.

“I am on a mission. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are not getting the vital help they need. They live with untreated hearing loss that prevents them from living life to the full. It affects not only them, but families, workplaces, and societies.”

“I want us to create hearing aids that people fall in love with. Hearing aids so attractive that they are at the top of the wish list. Hearing aids that truly are life-changing.”
James Page is a singer-songwriter living in Cambridge UK, who performs under the name Sivu. He first began writing music when he was 16 years old and his ability to develop alternative pop melodies on his acoustic guitar has brought him great success, cultivating in performances on radio, as well as music festivals such as Glastonbury.

In 2013, James’ life was turned upside down, when he was diagnosed with Ménière's disease, which causes dizziness, tinnitus, aural fullness and fluctuating hearing loss. He describes the diagnosis as a “deaf sentence” that put his career as a musician in jeopardy. Sivu has not released music since 2017, however, thanks to treatment and use of ReSound ONE hearing aids he is now in a position to produce the music he loves again. He has plans to release a third album this year; the focus of which will centre around the new hope that James has from his improved hearing.

“The ReSound ONE hearing aids have given me a restored sense of depth and clarity to everything. Wearing them makes the studio environment a less intimidating place for me now.”